Looking for a fresh, wake-me-up for these bright sunny mornings? I love this new grapefruit sugar scrub I made! It smells so fruity and has just the right amount of goodness that I love to use it every chance I get in the shower.

In fact, I made this sugar scrub only a week ago and look how much is gone!

scrub overhead

I didn’t take pictures when I concocted it as I wanted to try it first before I put it on this blog.

However, after using it so quickly and loving the moisturizing, cleansing and yummy smell, I had to share it with you! So these pictures are of the scrub when it’s over half gone. I hope you’ll love it as much I do and the recipe is so easy to make.

I used some of my favorite essential oils and they really wake me up in the morning!

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Here’s the recipe I adapted from Lucrecer.com

Recipe Headline

1 Cup Sugar

¼  Cup Fractionated Coconut Oil or Almond Oil (don’t use regular coconut oil or it will clog your drains!)

14 Drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

10 Drops Tangerine Essential Oil

2 Drops Lime Essential Oil

1 Drop Lavender Essential Oil

1 Drop Cedarwood Essential Oil (optional)

1-2 Drops Red Food Coloring

2 tsp. Grapefruit Juice

Mix the coconut oil with the essential oils. Add the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and food coloring. Then add the cup of sugar, mixing well. Scoop into airtight glass container and enjoy!

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